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Araldica wall covering, contemporary heraldry.

Portions of bas-reliefs reproducing coats of arms and shields, became patterns for a contemporary heraldry, suitable for decorating modern urban spaces and interiors. Four different marble modules, with bush-hammered finish bas-reliefs, can be randomly combined together to create your own family crest. Araldica tiles were originally created for a special event of the Milan Furniture Fair 2012 by Casone Group, in Pietra Serena sandstone, which is extracted and worked in the stone district of Fiorenzuola.

The inspiration for the project comes from the observation of the ancient buildings that overlook the squares of Italian cities and villages, whose facades are often decorated with the coats of arms of the families who have alternated in governing the city over the years.


Matter is what most defines Studio Lievito’s projects: from stone to marble, from china to glass, from wood to iron, the materials used are those of the territory of origin of the studio: Tuscany.