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1st Dibs


Bordolese rolling pin, a spontaneous habit.

Function meets art in this ordinary kitchen utensil that is transformed in a sculptural object. Evoking the silhouette of a classic Bordolese wine bottle, this piece features a classical combination of materials: the slender oak wooden body of the rolling pin will slide elegantly in the white Carrara marble case after use. The habit of improperly using a bottle to shape the dough gave the idea for the creation of this sculptural object. A game of substitutions where the transparency of glass give way to the Carrara marble, the void is filled and the forms double themselves. Every Bordolese is made unique by the natural veins of the marble. One single piece of marble is carved and polished by hand in Italy.

The preparation and consumption of food are primordial practices, and constitute an interesting condensed of the characters of every culture. Designing instruments to carry out these processes means to establish a ‘intimate’ contact with the user.


Studio Lievito designs archetypal objects dedicated to those who love the unexpected. The meeting of essential forms and traditional materials opens our daily experience to a metaphysical dimension. Small sense of short circuits in a limited edition to reinvent the domestic routine, with irony.


Each piece is meticulously handmade: the Studio wants to promote a ‘slow design’ that subverts conventional decor norms by means of simple yet witty gestures and accurate detailing.