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Cameracon vista






1st Dibs

Camera con Vista rugs collection, an imaginary perspective.

The story of a place evoked by an imaginary perspective. The architectural element of the window is mentioned in its minimal form and a graphic game of depth. Studio Lievito works composing mainly primary forms where the 'stylistic' intervention is reduced to a minimum, and details make the difference. Curiosity first: to establish a 'intimate' contact with the user si one of their projects’ goals. The carpets are designed in two color combinations, and are made entirely of wool in Nepal. The “carving” technique is used to enhance the details of the design. Photo credits: Enrico Conti - Location: Numeroventi

The collection comes from the collaboration of Studio Lievito with Boralevi Firenze, an important gallery and editor of antique and contemporary carpets.


Boralevi Gallery was founded in Venice in 1930 as an antique textile expert and it is now located in the center of Florence. Currently the gallery is proposed as a modern carpet editor collaborating with the most important architects and interior designers, strong of its wide knowledge in the production of bespoke carpets.


Camera con Vista collection was presented at Palermouno Fuorisalone event, Milano, in 2019.