Kommigraphics always works
closely with you at every step of a
well structured procedure of brand
design, so that your views are.







1st Dibs


Carambola centrepiece, the ritual of table setting.

Fruits like billiard balls are ready to be ‘split’ during the ritual of table setting. The centerpiece evokes the game of billiards. The invitation is to compose the elements with obsequious maniacal attitude looking for a little moment of libido or zen pleasure. Minimalist and sophisticated, this centerpiece will complement any decor with its geometric silhouette fashioned of white Carrara marble. Every Carambola is made unique by the natural veins of the marble. One single piece of marble is carved and polished by hand in Italy.

The Studio works composing mainly primary forms where the ‘stylistic’ intervention is reduced to a minimum. The meeting of essential forms and traditional materials opens our daily experience to a metaphysical dimension.


One of Studio Lievito’s goals is to establish an ‘intimate’ contact with the user, building a private alphabet made of shapes and materials, which calls for an active participation to be understood. Items that explain themselves only when used, also improperly: curiosity first.