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Comequandofuoripiove playing cards and case, Abracadabra.

Abracadabra: the suits disappear and reappear from the surface of the paper in a game of graphic illusionism. No game is the same as the other and you will need to pull out the ace from the sleeve. A playful graphic designed by Studio Lievito. This deck of 54 French playing cards was printed in Italy on duplex paper by Modiano, the iconic Italian brand leader in the paper printing and playing cards manufacturing. The project was born in collaboration with the Japanese boutique Call of the designer Mina Perhonen. The whimsical name of this piece derives from the catchy phrase (“like when it’s raining outside” in English) used to easily remember the value order in the deck of French cards, so the initials Come Quando Fuori Piove create an acronym for the value order of the seeds starting from the most powerful: Cuori (hearts), Quadri (diamonds), Fiori (clubs), and Picche (spades).

Playing cards can be stored in a dedicated case. A reference to one of the most characteristic uses of marble and to the territory of origin of Studio Lievito, this case recalls the box where the lard is stored during its seasoning. Fashioned of white Carrara marble, a sliding wooden drawer can accommodate two decks of cards.


Every object is made unique by the natural veins of the marble. One single piece of marble is carved and polished by hand in Italy.