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Opinion Ciatti Store

Elementare, a kitchen puzzle game.

Ideal plane of pure geometry to be experimented with food. A kitchen accessory with a pure and essential design made of white Carrara marble with mirror stainless steel inserts, composed of geometric shapes. Primary forms which are transformed into tools and which, once their function has been completed, resume their precise place on the base, exactly as happens in the "elementary" games of early childhood. The sphere chops the spices, the cylinder rolls out the dough, like a small rolling pin, and beats the meat, while the cube scales the fish skin and the prism chops the vegetables. Photo credits: Opinon Ciatti, Wall&Deco

The kitchen is a recurring theme in the design of Studio Lievito. The preparation and consumption of food are primordial practices, and constitute an interesting condensed of the characters of every culture.


The Studio works composing mainly primary forms where the ‘stylistic’ intervention is reduced to a minimum, while respecting the identity of the archetype that is treated from time to time. Matter is what most defines its projects, and marble is elected as symbol fo their territory: Tuscany.