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Officinanove shop

Ennagona lamps, like folded paper.

Nonagon bodies balanced between geometry and gravity. The apparent imperfection of its cutting is solved once the object is hanging from the ceiling. Ennagona ceiling lamps, available in two variants, are made of an extruded and tapered steel sheet, without the use of welding, the lamp body is made simply by bending a sheet of light aluminum. According to one’s taste the length of the wire can be regulated without having to cut it but simply wrapping it around the shape.

Ennagona’s design was born spontaneously from the folding of a sheet of paper, with the intention of minimizing the use of materials and processes.


Using a correct amount of resources remains one of the Studio’s priorities. They really like the idea of “dosing” raw materials in whatever work field, analyzing the steps to find out if there have been waste from the kitchen industry, from agriculture to politics.