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Erutuf& Tufure





Erutuf and Tufure rugs collection, unknown planets.

Irregular surfaces transformed by the magma of alien volcanoes invite us to discover unknown planets, scattered with imaginary craters and promontories. Material effects and irregular cuts characterize these tufted rugs that recreates the conformation of alien soils. Erutuf concentrates the suggestion of rocky and marine landscapes within a frame that seems to have just been scratched and shaped by a primitive gesture. Remnants of alien surfaces for a spatial experience on a domestic scale for Tufure, where photographic precision succumbs to the emotion of a first step into a New world. Erutuf and Tufure rugs are available in two sizes and are made using digital print on polyamide base, with thread hem and geotextile back. Photo credits: Studio MILO, Beppe Brancato Studio, Silvio Macchi

JCP Universe presents objects of wonder and discovery from an imagined alternate reality. Conceived by architect Livio Ballabio and orchestrated by CTRLZAK studio, it’s an unconventional brand going beyond the normal commercial framework to open culture to everyone.


The artifacts of the JCP Universe possess unique properties the alter established standards of what is normal or readily acceptable. Each distinctive piece with the capacity to change the way people live through the filter of another reality, offering alternative connotations of familiar forms and unexpected functions.