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closely with you at every step of a
well structured procedure of brand
design, so that your views are.






Interno Marmo, everyday marble.

The collection Interno Marmo is designed for Pibamarmi as part of the Marmo Quotidiano project, aimed at promoting new experiments in stone design, creating objects and furnishing accessories. The pieces designed by Studio Lievito traces a domestic exploration of everyday marble. The expressive values of the stone material, its color and its tactile properties define the peculiar emotions given by these meaningful objects that are both functional and poetic. Photo credits: Pibamarmi

Krater is a set of modular bookends created with different stones worked by Pibamarmi that, when not in use, can form a sculptural cylinder vide-poche. Artù table lamps are cut off single marble blocks. When turned on these lamps reveal the natural veining of the white marble.


The story and the outcomes of the Marmo Quotidiano project are collected in the publication ‘Marmo Quotidiano. Eight contemporary design projects’, edited by Davide Turrini.