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1st Dibs


Match table and hand mirror, ready for the game?

An ironic take on the idea of challenging the image reflected back at you in the mirror. A double-sided mirror is shaped like a table tennis paddle resting on a marble sphere. The user is transported to a dimension between reality and its reflection, that gap where the ball is configured as the only real element that can exist and move. One, none and one hundred thousand are the players in this game. A well-received gift for a sports enthusiast. Every Match is made unique by the natural veins of the marble, carved and polished by hand in Italy.

Match was conceived following an artistic installation of the Studio. In this interactive installation visitors were asked to play on a real ping pong table with rackets and bounce board made of mirrored glass, giving rise to an alienating experience.


The ping pong table apparently rendered unusable, on the contrary opens up new ones
possibility of use. Held in the half-closed position, work is done on the vertical plane by installing a mirror while a grid is drawn on the horizontal half. Available to visitors are rackets also made with mirror plates.


The installation was part fo the exhibition ‘La sovversione dell’oggetto’ that was held in 2017 in Prato at Spazio LATO with the artistic direction of Matteo Innocenti.