Kommigraphics always works
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well structured procedure of brand
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MaVoix Boutique

Interferenze wallpaper, an alternative reality.

Sinuous watermarks in which to dive in search of an alternative reality. The deceptive nature of the moirè effect invites us to go beyond the simple material perception, multiplying the two-dimensionality of the wall. The Interferenze collection, designed in two color variants for MaVoix, plays with the intertwining and frequencies of sinuous lines that move on the flat surface of the wall.

Studio Lievito designs for MaVoix a collection of wallpapers that are the result of an investigation aimed at revealing and attributing new identities to the materials that usually furnish and cover our homes.


The surfaces are thus enriched with new connotations from other worlds, generated by unprecedented graphic and digital mixes.


Illusion is the fundamental ingredient that links the DNA of Studio Lievito to MaVoix, that intimate ‘voice’ that invites us to a continuous and always new exploration of reality.