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1st Dibs


NERO collection, fragments of a distant time.

Nero is an experiential interpretation of the bucchero ceramic technique. An exploration aimed at taking the material beyond its usual canons of aesthetics and use. These functional sculptures in the balance between past and present seem to have been born from the Mediterranean. The chromatic and material elegance of the ‘bucchero’ fascinates us today as in the times of the Etruscan civilization: the characteristic firing method of this ceramic material gives the characteristic black color and a particular and fascinating texture to the surface. Turned, fired and polished by hand in the historic workshops of Gubbio, the objects of the Nero collection are made of bucchero ceramic and mirrored glass. Design by Studio Lievito and Maddalena Vantaggi

Objects with evocative shapes that reveal more than one identity. Placed vertically they manifest all their sculptural elegance, while placed horizontally as table mirrors, they evoke an imagery made of ancient Etruscan amphorae, overflowing with precious “crystallized” oil in a reflective surface. Nero collection was introduced at EDIT Napoli in 2021.