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Oracolo table mirrors and lamps, home altars.

Home altars, ideal tools for divination which seek to probe unsolved questions, sliding down in our own depths. The three table mirrors and lamp of the Oracolo collection recalls three different architectural archetypes often used for places of worship. Architectural archetypes that evoke different places and atmospheres of worship shaped the three pieces of Oracolo collection.From the tabernacle to the pointed arch and the bulbous dome, these objects are configured as open portals towards a multicultural spirituality.

A rarefaction of the matter which starts from solid marble, continues on the changing surface of the mirror and ends with the impalpable light.


A nostalgic return to mouth-blown neon is combined with a body with clear surfaces sculpted and made with numerical control machines. The combination of these two materials and the particular chromatic finish given to the mirror evoke intimate atmospheres.