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Pack lamps, an imaginary box.

Body and lid of a box and its imaginary content. The Pack lamps are made with a light iron structure, which recalls the wireframe of elementary solids, completed by a marble lid. The light source, consisting of a LED strip, is installed on the metal structure. When turned on, the light from the lamp seems to 'fill' the contents of an imaginary box. Every object is made unique by the natural veins of the marble.

Pack lamps seem to arise from drawing exercises, like geometric projections of regular solids.
The use of elementary geometries and traditional materials are part of the design philosophy of Studio Lievito.


The intriguing aspect of these lamps involves the user in an active dialogue with the object, where discovery is a fundamental ‘ingredient’.


The collection of three pieces was made for a special event during the 2014 Milano Design week.