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Massafra (TA) + Firenze (Fi)

Presidio, a symbolic ‘refuge’.

Presidio is a site specific project that offers a symbolic ‘refuge’ to the emergency situation that dramatically characterizes our present. In an era in which we are all migrants, sparkling isothermal blankets envelop and deceptively ennoble everyday objects, creating an ephemeral representation of a domesticity often denied. ‘Presidio’ installation was conceived starting from the dialogue with the Apulian territory of the Murgia and its tradition of hospitality. The reflective material with which the isothermal blankets are made is used as a coating for some architectural elements of Masseria Cultura, where Studio Lievito spent his artistic residency in 2021. The use of this particular material, in itself linked to emergency situations, is used here for the aesthetic properties of its reflective surface, creating at the same time a strong contrast with the authentic materiality of the stone that characterizes the outdoor spaces of the Masseria, and entering into dialogue with space and wind.

For the exhibition ‘Reverse Towards a New Paradigm’ held at Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence, Studio Lievito re-proposed a Presidio site specific intervention. The Studio worked on furnishings recovered at the location, wrapping them in isothermal blankets, in order to highlight elements of minimal domesticity – seats, table and a sideboard – elected in this way as symbols of welcome.


Thus, five different stories are created that explain Studio Lievito’s design approach, aimed at questioning and enhancing the identity of the object archetypes, creating a living language made up of essential shapes and raw materials.


The exhibition ‘Reverse Towards a New Paradigm’ was held at NAM at Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence, in November 2022. The exhibition reflected on climatic, social and political emergencies, where humanity is in the midst of a process of changing the cultural and economic patterns accepted up to now.