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Soffritto book stand, dedicated to fashionistas.

Formal citation of one of the “never missing” tool in everybody’s kitchen. A single block of white Carrara marble modeled with a handle to facilitate movement, recalling the crescent moon shape of the munching knife. Soffritto will also appeal to fashionistas, disguising itself as a certainly not very light handbag, embellished by the natural veins of the marble.

This object is dedicated to the display and consultation of recipe books and can be used as a support and bookmark or, using the rubber bands, the recipe book can be kept open to the page we are reading.


Thanks to its weight and the tilting shape of the base, Soffritto can be easily rotated on the kitchen top to facilitate consultation of the recipes.


Every object is made unique by the natural veins of the marble. One single piece of marble is carved and polished in Massa Carrara, home of the most famous marble quarries in the world.