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Squadra table lamp, from tool to object.

From the tool to the object it’s a short step: the typical 90° set square of the stonecutter is the best solution for an orientable table lamp. Rotating its base, the lamp can be used in three different position. Squadra can give indirect light to the environment or perpendicularly light the top of a table. The base is a single piece of marble, milled to be able to accommodate a metal profile containing a stripled. Squadra was originally created in Pietra Serena sand stone for a special event of the Milan Furniture Fair 2012 by Casone Group.

Studio Lievito defines itself as a link between past and future, a recovery of craftsmanship to re-heat the modern technology in industrial production. All Studio’s pieces respond to the urgency of a slow design, but in step with the logic of the contemporary market.


It works composing mainly primary forms where the ‘stylistic’ intervention is reduced to a minimum, while respecting the identity of the archetype that is treated from time to time. Surprising projects that challenges the daily routines by the mean of simple but witty gestures, where details make the difference