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1st Dibs


Type spaghetti meter, a kitchen body type.

Turning ordinary into extraordinary. By a simple turn, one block of Carrara marble becomes a measuring device for spaghetti pasta. Evoking the shape of a movable type, the marble block features four carved-out sections, each with a different shape that determines the right number of portions of spaghetti, from one to four. Quality, originality, interpretation. In gastronomy following the recipe is not enough: elements always have a primary role. This to don't make one plus one two, but at least three. A kitchen tool is transformed into a sculptural object, to display on the counter or table when not in use as a decorative accent.  Every Type is made unique by the natural veins of the marble. One single piece of marble is carved and polished by hand in Carrara.

Studio Lievito really likes the idea of “dosing” raw materials in whatever field they work, analyzing the steps to find out if there have been waste from the kitchen industry, from agriculture to politics.


The choice of marble was easy, this material describes the area where the designers live and where they want to work. This material fully interprets their desire to establish a link between the past and the future, recovering craftsmanship to heat the modern technology of industrial production.