Kommigraphics always works
closely with you at every step of a
well structured procedure of brand
design, so that your views are.






Wireframe chest of drawers, a perfect balance.

The graphic model of the ‘wireframe’ is brought to reality to suggest a consideration over materials. Getting rid of excessive matter becomes indeed an opportunity. This storage unit is reduced to its minimal shape: the raw iron frame holds and sustains the drawers in a perfect balance between shape and function. Iron frame, top veneered plywood and chipboard veneered drawers, finishing and woods can be mixed to reach different esthetics combinations. The structure can be completely disassembled and reducible to five frames.

Using a correct amount of resources remains one of the Studio’s priorities. They really like the idea of “dosing” raw materials in whatever work field, analyzing the steps to find out if there have been waste from the kitchen industry, from agriculture to politics.


Studio Lievito’s design philosophy can be defined ad a ‘little existential ecology’ that annul any sort of hierarchy between elements. From them, design neither creates winners or loser nor starts conflicts of interests but rather makes peace between elements in a mutual recognition.